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André MJ Nullens lives in Belgium nearby Brussels, and works internationally as an independent freelance photographer, mostly in the field of architecture and design.
His work has been published in numerous international magazines.

"Visual information often replaces the real experience: what is the impact on architecture? Our knowledge and spatial imagination about architectures have often been shaped by a photographic vision that preconditions not only our perception of an object, but also our conception of it and our relationship to it. Through its ability to document, to interpret and to create a mis-en-scéne, the meaningful picture of architecture always adds a new dimension to the architectural design. For those who cannot experience architecture firsthand, the photographical depiction plays a major role in defining how they can explore structures, space, light and context."

My architectural photography not only documents place and time, it has the ability to tell a story about a realized design.
Being an  architectural photographer I strive to create evocative images of structure, context and space.
In respecting the architectural vision of the designers, the images try to transcend realized architectural design and evoke a feeling and sense of place.

I enjoy taking on new projects. If you have anything in mind, please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas. Each project requiers an unique approach.

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